Cooking with Grandmothers

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About Cooking with Grandmothers:Cooking with Grandmothers records, gathers, and shares the recipes, food traditions, and wisdom of female elders from around the world. It was founded by Jessica Theroux, award-winning author of Cooking with Italian Grandmothers. Jessica created this website as a place for people to discover and celebrate the cooking and storied lives of older women from all walks of life.” Alongside Jessica Theroux, I provided support in areas such as: Logo design, Graphic Design, Digital Consultation, Social Media Marketing (Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram), Website Design, Brand Positioning and Concept Development. I was able to be part of this project from ideation to execution and continue to be a Head of Digital Marketing on a freelance basis, where I have the opportunity to test new technologies and trends such as BlippAR – an augmented reality platform. (To try it out, download app ‘Blippar’ and scan the last image below).

Some results:
+55,000 Facebook likes
+2,500 e-mail subscribers
+2,000 Instagram followers

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